Greg Murr - Field 4F

Greg Murr uses familiar resources from nature to examine some of the fundamental properties of our world: space, time, matter, and motion. His paintings feature arrangements of delicate peony blossoms; alluring in their recognizability, but also insinuating a certain spatial fabric and a presence of gravity with their networks of lines, folds, and masses. Rendered in layers of nearly transparent paint, the exquisite blooms are depictions of both levity and weight, of motion and stillness, of growth and collapse. In his Thermal Study pieces, clusters of blooms ascend, suggesting a plume of smoke or rising cloud of steam. In other works, Murr experiments with the results of layering translucent petals in undulating compositions. These allusions to motion, vitality, transcendence and ephemeral physical existence embody them with substance beyond their identity as flora.

Greg Murr is an artist with incredible museum and exhibition credentials. He earned his BA and MFA in the United States and was immediately recognized by major museum curators. In fact, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York acquired a selection of Murr’s works for its permanent collection when Murr was only just out of his graduate program in printmaking. Murr then went on to live and teach art in Venice, Italy. Later, he relocated to Berlin, Germany, where he works today. His artwork is exhibited worldwide.

Artwork in the exhibition may be viewed here.