Greg Murr - Turner Carroll Gallery - Contemporary Artist
Blooms [dark cluster 18h]
Greg Murr is an established artist with incredible museum and exhibition credentials.  He earned his BA and MFA in the United States, and was immediately noticed by major museum curators.  In fact, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York acquired a selection of Murr’s works for its permanent collection when Murr was only one or two years past his graduate program in Fine Art.  Murr then went on to live and teach art in Venice, Italy.  Later, he relocated to Berlin, Germany, where he works today, though his art is exhibited throughout the world.

Murr renders the grace of nature perhaps more beautifully than any other contemporary artist.  Each flower petal, each pearl on a strand, is imbued with the translucent, seemingly breathing, vitality of nature.  When one gives the work the time and attention it deserves, flower petals that at first glance appear white, come to life with the pale colors of nature–the viewer begins to “see into” the image, and nature’s pinks, blues, and all its most gorgeous hues, emerge.

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