Current Exhibition
July 5 – August 4, 2024
Hunt Slonem: Il Giardino Zoologico

Turner Carroll places Camille Claudel’s most significant available work: L’Implorante (grand modèle)

Turner Carroll is proud to have placed this magnificent Claudel with a private collector in the United States! This record setting sale for Claudel secures her place in global art history by ensuring it will be available for North American as well as international institutions to exhibit. Turner Carroll has represented the Claudel family for over 5 years, negotiating the permissions for transport, exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the J. Paul Getty Museum, before consummating the sale of the sculpture to a prestigious private collector.

Camille Claudel’s genius as a sculptor is irrefutable. However, due to her gender and the era in which she lived, she was denied the self-agency necessary to author her own story. Turner Carroll is thrilled to have played a role in setting the art historical record straight and achieving a new pinnacle for Claudel.