For the past 10 years, my work has focused increasingly on structure and the idea of an interaction between structure and image. The combination of hand-crafted and analytical aspects in my work helps to create a tension. The resulting emotional expression stems from this interaction of limited parameters, similar to numbers in music and knit and purl in knitting. In my current work, I am focusing primarily on two structures: Cube Network and Cherry Blossoms.

Cube Network was inspired both by knitting and geometry. The idea that a 2-D image could translate into multiple 3-D structures reinforces that an image can be subordinated into merely a symbol, a vessel for information. With my cube network pieces, image and other information repeats spatially where it had repeated across a 2-D surface in earlier work.

Years ago I had the idea of creating a scale out of repeating visual information. I wanted to compress more information into the images I was using as a way of creating a “visual frequency”.

My Cherry Blossom pieces (named so because the first pieces I did using this structure were without image and resembled cherry blossoms) continue my ongoing explorations by using varying amount of visual information and repetition through a grid. With my new cherry blossom pieces, I am working at the other end of my scale. This time I don’t use repetition, instead a loss of information is used as each facet of visual information gets reduced to a single pixel of color. To help play with this boundary I weave the tabbing of the piece forwards and backwards, much like knit and purl in a knit fabric. The tabbing blends the pixels of colors almost as if trying to bring the image back into focus and back into reality by the physicality of the texture.

I have been lucky enough to have several of my works exhibited in museums throughout the United States.

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