Ann Weiner - La Mariposa #50

Ann Weiner – La Mariposa #50

Ann Weiner and her late husband Sid sponsored the Bill Sessions Woodworking Center, which has been up and running with woodworking and sculpture classes for more than a year. She also served on the board of directors and authored a book on Silvermine’s long history for its 90th anniversary. Why has she devoted herself to the arts? “It’s this understanding and personal experience of how vitally important art is to our survival and to our quality of life that has made me and my late husband so motivated to support the arts in every way possible,” she said.

Weiner joined Emmy-winning artist David Dunlop, who won a living art award and was a longtime faculty member at the Silvermine School of Art. Alberta Cifolelli, also of Westport, and Bonnie Woit of New York City each received a Guild of Artist Award. Woit founded and served as the first director of the Silvermine’s Institute for Visual Artists, and Cifolelli directed the IVA throughout the 1990s.

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