Suzanne Sbarge – Pasatiempo – 1 December 2017

A fantasticallly insightful cover story by Jennifer Levin appeared in the Pasatiempo (the Santa Fe New Mexican’s art publication) on December 1, 2017, in conjunction with the opening of her exhibition Meta/Morph at Turner Carroll. Levin details Suzanne Sbarge’s background as the daughter of Jewish refugees, on a Holocaust survivor.  Sbarge’s grandfather and great grandfather were both rabbis, who infused her early life with an innately mystical quality.  Sbarge takes her intuitive mysticism, as well as her profound study of Jungian archetypal psychology, into her artistic world.  She applies this primal mystical consciousness to her collaged images of animals and humans, thereby presenting her belief that all living beings are intuitively connected.  Sbarge makes a fascinating connection between our interconnected consciousness as humans with the consciousness of animals in her statement:  “Animals are part of human consciousness.  As we lose animals, we are losing parts of our own consciousness.”

You can read the full text of Levin’s fabulous article here.

1 December 2017