Virgil Ortiz – Watchman/Dorn


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Artwork Description

Virgil Ortiz – Watchman/Dorn

Dimensions: 21.5 x 13 x 11″
Year: 2021
Medium: soda fired ceramic

Watchmen/Dorn, by Cochiti Pueblo native, carries the Orient Charger. Dorn and Saasha’s circular headdresses operate as satellite transmitters and communicators that guide the Survivorship and Battleship fleet commanders and pilots flying at hyperspace speed through wormholes. These two characters use coded intel to alert the Watchmen when the stargate portals are open for aircraft to enter and exit. The Castilians cannot decode their transmission capabilities.

This work is the result of an experimental soda firing, with an emphasis on bare clay and the effects of flame path and soda, rather than applied glaze.