Swoon – Zahra


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Artwork Description

Swoon – Zahra

Dimensions: 13.5 x 16.13″ paper
Year: 2020
Medium: intaglio
Edition: 7/18

“Zahra has been a dear friend for many years. Between the times of play, what we really get into is a kind of lifelong collaboration. We’ve worked together on the Heliotrope Foundation, on the creation of a portrait and animation for Alicia Key’s Underdog album, and on the film Street Heroines which Zahra helped produce. She’s a powerful force in the world, and I kind of knew that from the second we met. Not to mention that her beauty is fierce and timeless and that’s just the truth.

This portrait is from her first pregnancy. I was drawn to this moment because it expressed the inward looking strength that gathers around a person who’s incubating a new life inside them.

In this time of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, I am reminded of how sacred our right to choose is. I participated in the joy and celebration of my friends who chose to give birth through this series of drawings that focuses on pregnancy and birth, while myself choosing not to – and I will be forever grateful for the choice that each of us was able to make.

For years this portrait has been a touchstone and I had so much fun creating this hand painted series.” -Swoon