Suzanne Sbarge – Gull


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Artwork Description

Suzanne Sbarge – Gull

Dimensions: 15 x 13″ framed / 5 x 3″ unframed
Year: 2015
Medium: mixed media on paper

Suzanne Sbarge’s work, Gull, combines recognizable forms in an impossible arrangement, establishing a sense of formal conversation between the flat and more three dimensional elements within the piece. Gull suggests a subconscious or drug induced source of inspiration, where viewers seek solace in the comfort of the recognizable human figure, yet are prevented from connecting with her due to unreadable expression and concealing garment. Sbarge’s work plays on the tension between ‘the real and the imagined’, resulting in what she describes as a ‘collaged state of mind’. 

Suzanne Sbarge’s magical works have been featured at the Albuquerque Museum, as well as numerous other museums throughout the U.S.