Scott Greene – Me a Name I Call Myself


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Artwork Description

Scott Greene – Me a Name I Call Myself

Dimensions: 20.5 x 17.5″ framed / 14 x 11″ unframed
Year: 2020
Medium: oil on panel

Scott Greene and Walter Robinson are New Mexico artists working in the big themes: the natural world, and its relationship to the built environment. The easy thing to say is that Scott creates negative utopian worlds where nature seeks her revenge. The truth of his work is much more nuanced: his use of oil paint is the finest. Walter Robinson uses natural materials like wood from his old trees to fashion weapons, carts, animals all with the precision of a fine furniture maker. Scott’s and Walter’s works crash together brilliantly in a kind of “unnatural selection.”

About his work Walter says, “Through my work, I look at the ways that humanity can work against its own best interests. The studio offers me a laboratory for processing the cultural and political issues we’re confronting, using satire, irony and sympathy in equal parts. Slowly crafting and assembling pieces allows me to channel my emotional responses into visual and physical metaphors. For me, the job of being an artist involves drawing connections between disparate and unlikely parts. In the process, I search for antidotes for human moral failure, making mistakes but ultimately finding balance and resolution. Creation is a natural process; when all other human forms of vanity and arrogance fail us, to quote Walt Whitman, ‘Nature remains.’”