Scott Greene – Trees Hide a Multitude of Sins


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Artwork Description

Scott Greene – Trees Hide a Multitude of Sins

Dimensions: 60 x 45″ finished size
Year: 2022
Medium: oil on panel

The title “Trees Hide A Multitude Of Sins” is actually a famous quote by the PBS TV show painter Bob Ross. It basically means if you make a mistake, you can always cover it up with some “happy little trees.” The mistakes that inspired this painting are, however, in need of an entire forest for camouflage. I love watching Bob Ross, besides his cliche approach to the subject of landscape, which is all based on great landscape painters from the past, he has lots of tricks and skills for manipulating paint. After painting the trees in an almost cartoon-like style, I settled on a more naturalistic style closer to the work of Corot. I can’t tell you how excited I get by pitting Bob Ross against Corot, a painter that most definitely inspired Bob Ross.