Rusty Scruby – Building a Nest


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Artwork Description

Rusty Scruby – Building a Nest

Dimensions: 28.5 x 11 x 11″ on base
Year: 2017-18
Medium: acrylic on poplar wood construction

Growing up, my grandfather tatted, my sister, mom and grandmother knitted and crocheted, and my dad had learned to knit when he was young, so it seemed natural to learn to knit myself. I became fascinated by the many ways that a single long strand of yarn could turn into so many structures and I marveled at the combination of engineering, beauty, and imagination. I have immersed myself multiple times in knitting, sometimes spending several months in exploratory projects as if in a self-imposed residency. In the early 2000s, knitting led me to my “cube network” series, which are 3D works with an interlocking cube structure, and has continued as an ongoing vein in my work. This led to a re-investigation of fabrics and to some of the imagery used in the Turner Carroll exhibition “Cube Network.”