Raphaelle Goethals – Nimbus III


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Artwork Description

Raphaelle Goethals
– Nimbus III

Dimensions: 61″ diameter framed / 60″ diameter unframed
Year: 2022
Medium: encaustic on panel with pigment and oil Test

This masterful work, Nimbus, part of a new series by Belgian born artist Raphaelle Goethals, is an exceptional example of the new work where she continues her exploration of mystery through process. Goethals expands on her previous work by adapting her practice to a shaped canvas, alongside a more painterly and expressive approach- a groundbreaking technique in the medium that is unique only to Goethals.

Raphaelle Goethals childhood was spent absorbing the beauty of European art. She moved to the United States to complete her art degree in Los Angeles, and that is where she finalized her unique abstract style. After only a short time in the United States, Raphaelle’s works attracted the attention of curators, private collectors, and art critics alike, and her paintings became highly desirable additions to their collections. The U.S. Department of State has curated Raphaelle’s paintings into its Art in Embassies program, thus exhibiting her paintings in such places as the American Embassy in Nigeria.