Natalie Christensen – Variant II


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Artwork Description

Natalie Christensen – Variant II

Dimensions: 18 x 20 x 13″ variable
Year: 2022
Medium: serigraphic transfer with acrylic paint on steel

In March, 2020, Natalie Christensen (USA) and Jim Eyre (UK) retreated from their daily routines and into their homes for an unprecedented period. During prolonged lockdowns, they relied more than ever on the digital arena for connection, support, and psychological survival. The virus forced us in the starkest of terms to recognize the perilousness and unpredictability of everything we had known.

These collaborations are conversations that occurred between London and Santa Fe about the artists’ shared experiences of everyday existence. Architectural fragments and elements of the landscape from each of their home environments are entwined to present their shared experience of shock, loneliness, anger, and fear. Christensen and Eyre paradoxically created intentional chaos through the mediums of photography, film, and sculpture; it was their way of grasping for order, healing, or catharsis in an increasingly unsettled world.

It is in hardship that we have the opportunity to evolve and the artists have given life to a stunning new series, one which captures our collective experience of pandemic: the quiet moments, the frenetic disorientation, and the inward reflections. The resulting body of work is a triumph of creative spirits and an exhibition of what we can rise to when placed in challenging circumstances.