Monica Lundy – 0-423


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Artwork Description

Monica Lundy – 0-423

Dimensions: 46.5 x 35″ framed / 30 x 22″ approx. unframed
Year: 2013
Medium: coffee, charcoal, gouache and mica flake on paper

“Monica Lundy is an artist gifted with an extraordinary technique; she is also, notably, a historian, a detective, a time-traveler, and a necromancer. Through assiduous research of archival materials, she unearths vanished paradigms and reconjures them as haunting historical portraiture. Through the séance of art-making, she is able, effectively, to raise the spirits of people and places long since faded into obscurity and empower them to whisper their truths into contemporary ears. The material virtuosity with which she accomplishes this feat is something to behold. In the ten-plus years I have been writing about her work, I have marveled at the invention with which she finesses, wrangles, and sometimes flat-out strong-arms disparate media into sumptuous celebrations of time, memory, decay, and transformation.”
—Richard Speer