Scott Greene – La Bajada Bluff


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Artwork Description

La Bajada Bluff

Dimensions: 50 x 50″
Year: 2013
Media: oil on canvas on panel

La Bajada Bluff is one of the most art historically significant paintings by Scott Greene.  It has been featured in several museum exhibitions, at such museums as the Museum of New Mexico, Las Cruces Museum of Art, and 516 Arts, a contemporary museum.

Clearly, La Bajada Bluff is a complex painting both aesthetically and symbolically.  Greene paints the stacks of oil barrels, computer monitors, and otherworldly civil detritus, in the most gorgeous and sumptuous manner.  The water tower has burst, yet it’s still smiling…the house continues to receive satellite tv, even as it balances precariously on the edge of the civilization humans have created for themselves.  Perhaps the most compelling symbol in the painting is the buffalo, representing not only the natural but also the spiritual (as in Native American iconography) realm.

Greene is making a visual double entendre about how we regard beauty in this massively important work.   He is a master of social commentary, and his La Bajada Bluff is thus far his quintessential work in this regard.

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