Kiki Gongliewski – Medusa, Silenced


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Artwork Description

Medusa, Silenced

Dimensions: 12 x 16″
Year: 2019
Media: acrylic on canvas

“The legend of Perseus and his battle against the monster Medusa is one that is deeply ingrained into our mythology. However, her story is ironically much less well-known. Medusa was once a mortal woman, whArtist’so caught Poseidon’s eye. She tried to flee, but he found her in Athena’s temple and raped her. Outraged, Athena punished Medusa for her “behavior” by turning her into the hideous figure with which we are familiar. Sadly, her story is all too relevant to this day. We live in an age where victims of abuse, long since blamed and shamed into silence, are only just starting to speak out in greater numbers. This modernization intends to capture the more obscure, but all too human side of Medusa. Running in the dark, on twisted roads and woods, only to be cursed by Athena and silenced for centuries. No longer.” Kiki Gongliewski