Karen Yank – Equipoise Study


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Artwork Description

Karen Yank – Equipoise Study

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 3″ finished size
Year: 2022
Medium: steel and stainless steel

The circle and the cross appear thematically throughout Karen Yank’s practice. Circles can be the center of a flower, the face of a clock, a yin-yang, or a metaphor for the re-appropriation of energy through the cycles of life and death. The antitheses of her mentor, Agnes Martin’s square. In contrast, the cross can be a mathematical placeholder, a metaphor for where two forces meet, the marker for something precious, or a nonverbal sign of honesty and fidelity in the middle ages. Together the two symbols carry ancient iconographic gravity from the structure of our solar system, these cross-cultural spiritual meanings. Both powerful and metaphysical, the simple and enduring forms connect Yank’s sculptures to ancient mark-making and the universal human need to create.