Jodie Herrera – Mother

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Artwork Description

Jodie Herrera – Mother

Dimensions: 8 x 10″
Year: 2019
Media: oil on wood

Jodie Herrera is an artist from Northern New Mexico whose work has been featured at numerous museums and galleries including the New Mexico Cancer Center, the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, the Albuquerque Art and History Museum, and the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Arts, among others. She currently works as a curator and artist full-time in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jodie Herrera’s work Mother features imagery of flowers that calls to mind the work of Judy Chicago and Georgia O’Keeffe. With the symbolism of a uterus and ovaries, Herrera fuses the natural world and the feminine in a strikingly beautiful piece. Like many of Jodie’s other works, this piece deals with the sacred feminine and female trauma in a representation of the female experience. This piece is part of a show at Turner Carroll Gallery co-curated by Judy Chicago.

by Rachael Stegmaier