Jim Dine – Fragile Boy


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Artwork Description

Jim Dine – Fragile Boy

Dimensions: 56 x 40″ framed / 51 x 35″ unframed
Year: 2010
Medium: 8 color lithograph hand coloring
Edition: PP/12

Jim Dine’s “Fragile Boy” is a sly take on the famous puppet in the liminal state between being and being made out of wood. This work is from his Pinocchio series, with added intimacy due to its unique background. Dine employed hand coloring after 8 litho layers were printed to achieve just the right saturation and highlighting of detail. Dine made a small edition of this print, only totaling 12 in the entire edition.

Jim Dine is one of the top contemporary artists in the US, and his works are included in major museums throughout the world.

-Michael Carroll