Jim Dine – The Black and Red Heart


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Artwork Description

Jim Dine – The Black and Red Heart

Dimensions: 63.75 x 47.5″ paper / 63.75 x 47.5″ plate
Year: 2013
Medium: woodcut with hand drawing
Edition: 21/30

Jim Dine is one of America’s top contemporary artists. Considered a pioneer of both the Happenings and Pop art in the 1960s, Jim Dine is known for merging familiar objects from popular culture with autobiographical content to make work distinguished by its bold, graphic style. Often repeating certain generic themes and motifs—such as hearts, skulls, and tools (as well as the Disney version of Pinocchio). His works are in over 50 museum collections worldwide.

His “Heart” lithograph with hand coloring is an extremely collectible work, and is one of his most recognizable images. Dine says of heart series series, “the heart is a simple shape with limitless potential to represent friends, family, poetry, travel, and more. I use it as a template for all my emotions. It’s a landscape for everything. It’s like Indian classical music—based on something very simple but building to a complicated structure. Within that you can do anything in the world. And that’s how I feel about my hearts.”

To showcase these different sentiments, the Pop artist renders his hearts with an expressive touch, filled with patchworks of colors and energetic brushstrokes.