Jamie Brunson – Candy Colored Happiness Sunset


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Artwork Description

Jamie Brunson – Candy Colored Happiness Sunset

Dimensions: 48 x 96″ finished size
Year: 2022
Medium: oil, alkyd, and wax on polyester over panel

Influenced by her ongoing meditation practice, over the past decade Jamie Brunson has painted multiple series focusing on saturated color, pattern, geometric abstraction, and formal process. Her most recent chromatic, linear compositions are based on the architecture of ancient monuments and sites she’s observed in her world travel to Asia, Europe and North Africa. Influenced by the observation and awareness that arises from meditation practice, Brunson explores the possibility of capturing physical sensation through process and purely formal language: color, line, gesture, texture, interval, surface.

Candy Colored Happiness Sunset is a tribute to Brunson’s mentor and meditation teacher, the art historian, author and poet Mark Levy, who passed away in 2021.Titled after one of Levy’s final haiku poems, the diptych expresses movement and energy through juxtaposed bands of luminous color.

Here is the elegiac haiku poem that Mark wrote in 2021—by then, he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and was in treatment:

candy colored

happiness sunset

bye bye, good luck, be good