Jamie Brunson – Galisteo


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Artwork Description

Jamie Brunson – Galisteo

Dimensions: 48 x 48″ unframed
Year: 2017
Medium: oil and alkyd on polyester over panel

Jamie Brunson’s work, Galisteo, represents a material translation of her experiences with meditation, where the sensations and mind-state associated with clearing one’s mind is represented in a work that exists in a space somewhere between the haptic and the somatic. After moving to New Mexico, Brunson’s work now reflects influence derived from the state’s striking landscapes, where the sky and land often engage in a way that blurs the line between distinct color and physical presence. In Galisteo, Brunson captures the pure essence of abstraction by allowing viewers to determine the degree of the scene’s recognizability; the blue and yellow might represent a landscape, sea-scape, or merely a product of Brunson’s imagination. 

In Brunson’s Kundalini meditation practice, the color blue is connected to the throat chakra. Seeing blue may mean your body is healing your throat chakra while you’re meditating. Yellow represents our degree of confidence and control, and the combination of the two colors in this painting conveys control over one’s own healing.

-Stephen Buxton