Georges Mazilu – Père et fille (father and daughter)


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Artwork Description

Georges Mazilu-Père et fille (father and daughter)

Framed Dimensions: 22.5 x 25.5″
Unframed Dimensions: 15 x 18″
Year: 1997
Media: acrylic on linen

Georges Mazilu is a Romanian-born artist who has spent his life pursuing his distinctive artistic vision.  He escaped the Romania of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1982, fleeing to Paris, where he lived until recent years.  Mazilu spent years in Romanian art education, where artists are required to spend several years focusing solely on mastering the human figure.  This mastery of realism is apparent in Mazilu’s works, and what is remarkable about his paintings is the manner in which he can paint the figure as a fluid, graceful, element that can reside in the abstract realm, as well.  His works are truly masterpieces of Magical Realism, in this regard.

In Mazilu’s “Pere et fille,” here, so much of the story is told by the hand delicate hand gestures Mazilu places right in the center of his composition.  The hands of both the father and the daughter are positioned in the shape of the guyan mudra, or the “mudra of knowledge”. Thus, the father is imparting his wisdom to his daughter in this painting, as we see the beautiful interaction between them.

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