Georges Mazilu – Les Buveurs


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Artwork Description

Georges Mazilu – Les Buveurs

Dimensions: 21.75 x 28.25″ framed / 15 x 21.6″ unframed
Year: 2014
Medium: acrylic on linen

Georges Mazilu’s “Les buveurs” painting at Turner Carroll Gallery is a splendid example of Mazilu’s brilliance as a painter. Aesthetically, his painterly style is fluid and graceful.  Mazilu paints the two characters in the painting in his notorious blended realistic figurative/abstract style.  He combines human elements with quasi-mechanical, abstracted body and clothing areas.  His use of contrasting colors manifested throughout each of the two figures and their beverages reinforces the overall visual impact of this extraordinary painting.

Georges Mazilu escaped Romania during the Ceausescu regime, in the early 1980s.  He spent numerous years living and painting in France and Spain.  His works are in esteemed musuem collections throughout the world, including those of the Denver Art Museum, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and Tucson Museum of Art.  The most recent museum to acquire his paintings is in Australia, and the earliest museum to aquire his works was the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Mazilu is a highly collectible artist, with a monograph written by Sam Hunter, Professor Emeritus of Art History at Princeton University, and several essays by South African Anti-Apartheid author, Andre Brunke.