Georges Mazilu – Le Sacrifice d’Iphigenie


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Artwork Description

Georges Mazilu – Le Sacrifice d’Iphigenie

Dimensions: 45 x 61″ framed / 35 x 51″ unframed
Year: 2000
Medium: acrylic on linen

In Le sacrifice d’Iphigenie, Mazilu engages with a classical Greek myth centered around a tale of sacrifice and divine intervention. The scene interjects religious and sexual themes, achieved through the nude figure in the foreground of the work and the priest-like characters in the background. While the unclothed female suggests Mazilu’s classical education, focusing on accurately depicting the human form, the characters behind her are rendered in his typical style—combining human characteristics with unusual proportions and behavior.

Georges Mazilu is a contemporary Romanian artist whose works are included in museum collections throughout the world. Museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria; Denver Art Museum; Tasmanian Museum; and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco hold his works in their permanent collections. Georges Mazilu escaped Romania in 1982. His works feature elements of photorealistic figuration as well as abstracted patterning as learned from Mazilu’s family trade as tailors. Mazilu is regarded one of the top international artists to emerge from post-Ceausescu regime Romania.