Georges Mazilu – La voyante


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Artwork Description

Georges Mazilu-La voyante

Framed Dimensions: 27 x 33.75″
Unframed Dimensions: 19.7 x 26.6″
Year: 2017
Media: acrylic on canvas

Georges Mazilu‘s “La voyante” painting at Turner Carroll Gallery is a splendid example of Mazilu’s brilliance as a painter. Aesthetically, his painterly style is fluid and graceful.  Mazilu paints the two characters in the painting in his notorious blended realistic figurative/abstract style.  He combines human elements with quasi-mechanical, abstracted body and clothing areas.

Equally impressive is Georges Mazilu’s erudite use of symbolism in the painting. One of the characters is holding a deck of cards, while the other–the clairvoyant–is repeatedly guessing each card’s identity.

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