Frank Morbillo – The Wall


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Artwork Description

Frank Morbillo – The Wall

Dimensions: 6 x 14 x 6″
Year: 2020
Media: steel, cast and foraged recycled plastic

Frank Morbillo uses discarded plastic in a casting process that reshapes the original materials to create something completely new. The process is not intended to be highly refined; as a result, the finished works feel more like stratified stone or sedimentary rock, with deliberately exposed components and warped textures. Using the ultimate man-made material, plastic, to take on natural organic qualities, Morbillo sets up a dichotomy intended to make us pause and think: could this be a future material extracted from the earth such as the stratified waste of the Anthropocene? Perhaps. Whatever our wonderings, however, Morbillo believes that art made from recycled plastic has the potential to inspire the preservation and protection of the natural environment.