Dorsa Zamanian – I’m Not Against You


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Artwork Description

I’m Not Against You

Dimensions: 16 x 18″
Year: 2019
Media: acrylic on canvas

“Within the Middle East many women have been taught that their opinion doesn’t matter. We are told that it would be better for us to stay silent than to speak our opinion. This is something that I have observed first hand. I have seen men get praised for cheating on their wives, while women are stoned if they even imagine these sort of thoughts. I’ve seen men slap their wives, while the woman stands there silent and lost. As a woman that grew up among strong women, I know they have thoughts. I know that these women don’t want to be silenced. They don’t want to be silenced by their government, by their men, by their sons. These two quotes had quite a large significance for me. The one in English, by Andre Dworkin, gives the audience a view of how women are limited by society. It shows, how we as women are being told to “stay quiet” every day. There are so many opportunities out there for men, but we as women are so limited. It’s not because we simply don’t have the strengths to successfully execute these opportunities, it’s that we are not even given these opportunities to begin with! The second quote is one that I have heard repeatedly. It is something the women in my family tend to say often. It roughly translates to “If women controlled the world, oh what wonders would occur!” This quote in someway is mocking what we are told. Women are told that if we control the world it would fall apart, but that’s simply not true! Our world would be a huge success if men would just let women take the lead once in a while.” Dorsa Zamanian