Calyxte Campe – Anna

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Artwork Description

Calyxte Campe – Anna

Dimensions: 18.5 x 22 x 13″ finished size
Year: 2002
Medium: cast bronze
Edition: ed. 5/8

Calyxte Campe is an exceptional artist with an extraordinary life story. He is a family member of the most important female sculptor of the nineteenth and early twentieth century—Camille Claudel.

Campe spent his early years surrounded by Claudel’s sculptures, and he would play around them, drumming on them and touching their surfaces. There is no doubt that Claudel’s passionate sculpting touch communicated viscerally with Campe. He seemed to absorb her ability to communicate emotion and devotion, refining his own ability to sculpt. Eventually, he became a sculptor himself, educated in Florence, Italy in one of the most prestigious art academies in Europe.

Like his great aunt Camille Claudel, Campe draws inspiration from the animal and human psychological realm. He has an innate ability to express the true soul of his subjects, and his works exhibit a profound artistic sensitivity that is rarely found in contemporary art.

Campe’s works have been collected by some of the most prestigious private collections in the world, and he has been commissioned to sculpt portrait busts of some of the most impactful human beings in modern society. His works are shown in galleries and museums internationally, as well as esteemed private collections.