Ambreen Butt – Five and Ten Dollar Bill


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Artwork Description

Ambreen Butt – Five and Ten Dollar Bill

Dimensions: approx. 4 x 6′ each framed
Medium: collaged money

Originally from Pakistan, Ambreen Butt is an extremely important artist in the world of contemporary art. Trained as a miniature painter, she rose to fame for her intricately painted miniatures in which she changed all the main characters from men to women. International curators began contacting Ambreen to show her works in museums. Ambreen has has solo exhibitions in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Dallas Contemporary, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

With her dollar bill works, Ambreen explores the concept of value. She uses tiny bits of shredded money to create collages of the actual bills that were shredded. Ambreen contends that “Money has no value, especially when it has been retired and shredded. However, it gains much more value than it had before, when I create “dollars” from my labor of love of creating artwork out of it.”