Reclining Woman

Reminiscent of the ancient Cycladic sculptures and Picasso’s works, Mavis McClure’s sculptures depict strong, beautiful characters. These bronze and clay figures are larger than life, with exaggerated hands and feet and lean bodies.But the beauty is in their expressions: a faint smile or a persistent stare, whichever emotion Ms. McClure wants to depict, she succeeds.

Mavis McClure is a self thaught artist. Her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries such as: the Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, the City of Oakland Art Gallery Oakland, California. Her sculpture “Pablo” was installed in the Fourth Street Shopping District in Berkley, California. It is the first public sculpture installation in Berkeley since the 1970s. Her works have also been commissioned by SOFA Chicago, Chaco Gallery, and the Olive Grove Sculpture Walk and are in the permanent collection of the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pasadena, California.