Jamie Brunson - Twirl

Jamie Brunson – Twirl

Two paintings by Jamie Brunson in the Triton Museum of Art collection are included in the new exhibition Illusory Abstractions: Recent Acquisitions.  The museum’s website describes this exhibition as bringing “together highlights from the Triton Museum of Art’s permanent collection. These works exemplify an inventive evolution of the abstract style, demonstrating a leap from purely geometric abstraction to a more inclusive genre of associative abstraction. Each artist has discovered their own personal fusion of geometric abstraction with expressionism – finding their own balance of yin and yang.”

Exhibition artists also include Rick Arnitz, Lukas Bloc, Charley Brown, David Einstein, Amy Ellingson, Doug Glovaski, Deborah Oropallo, Susan Parker, Raymond Saunders and Verne Trindade.  The show runs through 21 October 2018 in Santa Clara, California.

23 August 2018