Walter Robinson

A new wind is blowing across the Western world, even in the margins of the liberal left. A new wind that affects even those who until recently still believed in sharing equality and mutual respect with the other and commended the idea of multiculturalism. Cracks can now be found in the pillars supporting the Western ideologies that called for liberty and freedom of religion of the other living among them.

On the other hand, Europe awakens to a reality of a revolt on the side of its Muslim citizens, who were educated on the values and culture of the West. Muslims who recently immigrated to Europe join them and in a collective revolt they turn to the street to demonstrate and demand their right for religious equality and recognition as equal citizens.

The acknowledgment of the right for “liberty, equality, fraternity,” the motto of the French Revolution and a stepping stone in the history of Europe, was a founding moment that changed the face of society, granting it that precious freedom. And yet, in all probability the citizens of these countries had never foreseen that two hundred years later they would have to share this right with the mass of immigrants from Islamic countries who live among them today. Widespread objection to the Muslims’ different appearance, the traditional dress, the head covering, and other religious symbols attributed to them is emerging in the public sphere.

The Muslims, whose presence is increasingly noticed, sense discrimination and injustice, and do not hesitate to demonstrate. They do not necessarily feel grateful for the hospitality they have received in Europe. They also forgot the attitude toward liberty in their home countries. At any rate, they no longer feel like foreigners. The feeling of foreignness was replaced by a feeling of security for those who quickly adapted to the liberal spirit of the society into which they arrived and thereby, do not hesitate to demand an expression of Muslim law into local legislation.
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