Welcome to Getting to the Art of It!!! A new podcast brought to you by Turner Carroll Gallery, designed to get to the heart of the ways in which art (and its makers) bring us all closer together. Miranda Metcalf for deep dive conversations with museum collected artists and thought leaders throughout the art world. We aim to help make the art world more accessible through education, answering questions like What the heck is a NFT anyway? How do artists collaborate with one another internationally? What does it take to run a successful print studio for fifty years? And what do artists do to cope in the pandemic?

Our inaugural episode takes on the hottest, most contentious, and oft-misunderstood topic in the art world today: NFTs. Speaking with Alanna La for eh and Josh Roth from Decrypt Studio, we go through a nuts-to-soup breakdown of NFTs and their market. This will be a great listen for anyone who is catching the buzz around the internet but is just not sure where to begin. There are also some gems for more seasoned NFT collectors looking for insights from one of the leading NFT minting studios. They cover what are NFTs, how they fit into the contemporary art world, why so many artists are interested in creating them, and concerns about the stability of the market.

Decrypt’s “How to buy an NFT” primer:

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