Suzanne Sbarge - Deep Sea II

Suzanne Sbarge – Deep Sea II

New Mexico artist Suzanne Sbarge has led a fascinating artistic life.  Her mother’s family emigrated from France during World War II, ending up in a concentration camp on Martinique.  She grew up in Connecticut, and went to college in New York. As an art curator and activist herself, Sbarge created the respected 516 ARTS gallery in Albuquerque, which regularly receives international attention for its exhibitions.

Suzanne’s own artistry is highly intellectual, curiously combined, and finely crafted, as is her life.  She has created a “bestiary” of combined animal and human forms, collaged together from the materials of her own existence.

Suzanne Sbarge gallery talk date will be announced soon—stay tuned!

Opening Reception Friday, December 1, 2017 from 5 to 7pm

Sbarge 2017 Meta/Morph-press release