When: December 7, 2023
Where: 801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

The art of transforming: Why immersive art matters more than ever

Immersive is not a buzzword, it’s an inherent trust in what happens when individuals are given autonomy and agency inside of artistic expression. Immersive art environments are radically altering the art viewing experience, and fundamentally challenging the ways that galleries and museums operate, offering more accessible, transformative experiences that center on the participant. Who will they be on the other side?

A provocative discussion with Margot Mottaz, Curator at SuperBlue, Catherine Turp, Executive Director of Creation and Innovation at Moment Factory, Virgil Ortiz, Ceramicist and Immersive Installation Artist from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, Han Santana-Sayles, Senior Director of Artist Collaboration at Meow Wolf, moderated by Kelly Schoeffel, Chief Marketing Officer at Meow Wolf.

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