“Sbarge is able to communicate on all levels with an irreverent sense of humor. She is one of the few artists who can enter the world of the shaman with lyrical and fanciful intentions while maintaining pretension-free profundity…. In a sense her work parallels religious iconography that isolates characters to illuminate complex story lines… Sbarge offers an inspiring respite from the daily news.”

— Wesley Pulkka, The Albuquerque Journal

“Sbarge has created an astonishing series of mixed-media collage paintings exploring surreal but oddly attractive dreamscapes. Sbarge seems to have created her own iconography, her own visual language, to express the mysterious truths of her interior world.”

— Steve Robert Allen, The Weekly Alibi

“With serpents featuring women’s heads, bird-headed women and strange anthropomorphic rabbits, Sbarge’s work contains all the mystery and imagery of modern-day otherworldly artifacts.”

— Joshua Rose, Shade Magazine, Phoenix

“The dramas acted out before your eyes (in these images) are as entrancing and memorable as they are impenetrable.”

— Laura Addison, THE Magazine, Santa Fe

“Sbarge’s art is borne of deconstruction and reconstruction: when pieced together again, she creates entirely new visions.”

— Albuquerque Magazine, July 2007

“Sbarge suggests narrative connections, but never lets the story close down. The more you examine her images, the more intriguing they become. Like puzzles with a million solutions, there’s no reason to stop playing, or in this case, looking… The best thing about Sbarge’s pictures is that you never finally know.”

— Jon Carver, THE Magazine, Santa Fe

“Her images stuck in my brain and clung there like the remnants of very vivid dreams… Like the melody of a haunting song, they hummed in my head…These images glory in their mystery.”

— Richard Garriott-Stejskal, ABQ Arts Magazine, Albuquerque

“Suzanne Sbarge might be Albuquerque’s answer to Franz Kafka… She seems to create a new world – one in which she can transform the past or forge a new future.”

— Blake de Pastino, NuCity, Albuquerque

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