Midwest Museum of American Art

The Midwest Museum is pleased to present an innovative exhibition by Westport, Connecticut, artist Ann Weiner to open on Friday, JUNE 2 and continue through Sunday, JULY 9 .Exciting new technology has enabled the artist, who works in mixed media, to create a compelling body of work called “Transient Images”. With this work the artist breaks through traditional two dimensional expression onto an exciting and elusive viewing plane. Constantly shifting with the viewer’s angle of vision, her disparate images converge, separate and then reappear, expressing the cariable nature of time and experience.The artist maintains full control of the creative and technical processing of her work. Most of the subject matter in her portfolio begins with the artist’s digital photographs. These photographs are the interlaced and placed behind a light deflecting (lenticular plastic) lens. The lens allows several subject layers to be viewed at the time, or, depending on the viewer’s movements, to be seen independently of each other. Unlike holograms, no special lighting is required. The images can be viewed in any conventional space and are equally effective from different viewing distances.Weiner did her undergraduate and graduate studies at Queens College and subsequently pursued careers both as an art teacher and as the art director of a noted apparel company. In 1997, she left her teaching and commercial design career to reenter the studio and begin her career as an exhibiting artist. The fascinating work of Ann Weiner is now being exhibited all over the country with one-person shows most recently at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

The haunting and strange juxtaposition of images of the past and present take on a surreal narrative as if a magician’s scrapbook has come to life. The old cliche that, “the eyes of the portrait seem to follow me around the room”, seems to eerily apply in the work of Ann Weiner.