Wanxin Zhang at the Berkeley Art Center

From September through November 18, 2012 Wanxin Zhang is in an exhibition titled “Local Treasures: Bay Area Ceramics” at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley, California. This bi-annual exhibition, begun in 2010, features artists who have had a significant impact in the artistic fabric of this community. Co-curated by Berkeley Art Center Director Suzanne Tan and Richard Whittaker publisher of Works & Conversations, the focus of this year’s exhibition is on Bay Area ceramics and includes the work of Clayton Bailey, Viola Frey, Ted Fullwood, Jon Gariepy, Mary Law, Annabeth Rosen, Nancy Selvin, Richard Shaw, Sandy Simon, John Toki, and Wanxin Zhang. An array of masterful and mysterious works in clay, the exhibition presents a compelling individualistic and authentic approach to the medium as expressed in the work of these accomplished artists.  A link to the exhibition is here.