Squeak Carnwath at the Lux Art Institute


Collection in Focus: Squeak Carnwath

Squeak wraps up her residency at the Lux Art Institute in Encinitas this month with an exhibition running from 13 June to 8 August 2015. To quote from their website, “At Lux, you don’t just see finished works of art; you see the artistic process firsthand, engaging with internationally recognized artists in a working studio environment.” A link to the exhibition is here.

A bit later, from 29 July to 27 September 2015, Squeak will have a solo exhibition at the diRosa. The show, Collection in Focus: Squeak Carnwath, features a group of important and understudied works from the 1980s that are Carnwath pieces held in the di Rosa’s extensive collection. The di Rosa wensite goes on to say about Squeak that she “has been fiercely committed to painting for decades…Carnwath often combines layers of words and images, fragments of things she comes across in daily life…Her paintings are just as much about the process as they are  the product, becoming an extension of herself and her search for meaning, and allowing for imperfections and unplanned results.