Scott Greene

In a great article in the March 11, 2016 Santa Fe, New Mexican, Michael Abatemarco gives us a superb review of the Museum of New Mexico Alcove Show 16/17.1, and Scott Greene‘s place in the exhibition.

Abatemarco writes, “In the 2013 painting La Bajada Bluff, Scott Greene depicts a bison driven over the edge of a cliff, a historic means of slaughtering buffalo that was used by Native tribes. But Greene’s buffalo has been pushed over by the detritus of modern society, not by hunters, crowded out by a towering mountain of barrels, pipes, discarded electronics, abandoned mobile homes, and other trash that’s become the foundation on which civilization rests. ‘The idea for that painting came from a landfill that’s not too far away; I live in Bernalillo,’ Greene told Pasatiempo. ‘It’s an older landfill. It’s a compaction of stuff that’s been here for a long time. The image was inspired by hiking around and looking at archaeological depositions where you have deposits of different matter that are all compacted together. I started thinking, ‘What are the depositions that we’re creating?’ You’re seeing this bluff that’s sheared away and you see all the stuff that we’re layering up.’ ”

A copy of the article is here.