Wanxin Zhang – Meditation Series V


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Artwork Description

Wanxin Zhang – Meditation Series V

Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 15″ sculpture
Year: 2018
Medium: fired clay

Wanxin Zhang’s Meditation Series V is a work of quiet and solitude.

We are an energetic and fast moving society that often does not take a moment to sit and look inward. We need to be at peace with ourselves and touch on the subtleties of life. From childhood and on we fill our heads with so much noise and interference that we miss out on what we know in core. Silence is “golden,” and within that silence we can find all the answers. I think the practice of meditation can unlock all the unanswered questions that rack our brain continuously. When we are quiet we can connect with ourselves, the collective consciousness of humanity, and learn the truth.

-Stephen Buxton

Wanxin Zhang’s works are included in numerous museum collections throughout the world.