Walter Robinson – Labyrinth


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Artwork Description

Walter Robinson – Labyrinth

Dimensions: 49.38 x 49.38 x 2″ finished size / 49.38 x 49.38 x 2″ finished size
Year: 2018
Medium: mixed media

Walter Robinson’s most overtly socio-political works are his Labyrinth works. This particular Labyrinth is featured in 21st Century Cyphers, at 516Arts, Albuquerque’s contemporary art museum. Labyrinth combines the spiritual aspect of completing a labyrinth with text based collocations—words that have distinctly unrelated meanings on their own, but which take on a new meaning when combined, due to contemporary societal context. Examples of evocative collocations found in Labyrinth are wage/slave, slave/auction, failed/state, state/bird, mother/ship, ship/wreck…