Walter Robinson – Labyrinth


SKU: 24148

Artwork Description


Dimensions: 49.38 x 49.38 x 2″
Year: 2018
Media: mixed media

In this, Walter Robinson’s newest work, he is using word collacations (two words that are habitually placed with each other “with a frequency greater than chance”) that have to do with contemporary society. Like the internet, you’re looking for a narrative in this labyrinth, but the narrative never ends–it just leads you to another idea.

For instance, you’ll see “child soldier” in this work, which in the past might not have been relevant to see these two words together, but now it is a part of civilization. Robinson makes a basic formal pattern–in this case, concentric squares, as if this is a square target.

The pattern is also in the shape of a labyrinth, which has a spiritual meaning. Perhaps the journey of contemplating these words is more important than the end result, or even the meanings of the words themselves when taken individually.