Virgil Ortiz – Recon Watchman-Kuu’ame (South)


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Artwork Description

Virgil Ortiz – Recon Watchman-Kuu’ame (South)

Dimensions: 44 x 35 x 26″
Year: 2023
Medium: glazed raku ceramic

Virgil Ortiz’s Revolt 1680/2180 epic saga opens a new portal to unleash his latest series, Convergence — a new body of large-scale raku-fired sculptures emblazoned with bold-colored glazes and unexpected textures. He creates time-traveling warriors, the Recon Watchmen. Their mission: safeguarding the Pueblo people’s past, present, and future and ensuring their survival and perseverance against the threat of the Castilian Army encroaching on the Pueblo lands.

This work will be featured in Ortiz’s solo exhibition in 2024 at the Lowe Museum of Art in Miami.