Traian Filip – The Author


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Artwork Description

Traian Filip – The Author

Dimensions: 13.13 x 13.75″ unframed
Year: 1982
Medium: intaglio on paper
Edition: 4/4 STII

Traian Alexandru Filip is a Romanian contemporary artist, whose works are included in the Wesleyan University Art Museum as well as the Vatican Museum. Traian Filip served as the director of the Romanian State Engraving Studios during the harsh reign of Nicolae Ceausescu. Traian escaped Romania in 1989 before the Romanian Revolution. He first fled to Sweden, then to France and ultimately the United States. In New Hope, Pennsylvania, where Traian had his studio, Traian continued to create exquisite intaglio etchings such as this one, and a monograph was written about his work in 1994. Turner Carroll handles the estate of Traian Filip.