The Fires of Neglect


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Artwork Description

The Fires of Neglect

Dimensions: 18 x 14.5″
Year: 2019
Media: acrylic on canvas

This work addresses the theme of silence because it deals with the pressures of being a woman in this day and age. It is the stress of trying to be everything at once: feminine, but not too feminine; delicate and unbreakable; a dancer, a scholar, and a caretaker; until she is nothing at all. The subject of the painting is dealing with all of these things. The loss of her voice in a result of her trying to do everything and live for others instead of herself. She has realized under these pressures the value in letting the world burn. The subject has made a clear decision not to put out the flames, not to try to solve everyone’s problems, and let herself develop into her own person. This development begins with her reading of the text and, in a way, is responsible for the presence of the fire. Her voice, her decisions, and how she lives her life are becoming fully her own.