Swoon – Moni and the Sphinx


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Artwork Description

Swoon – Moni and the Sphinx

Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 3″ finished size
Year: 2020
Medium: hand printed blockprint on paper mounted to wooden painters panel with hand painted acrylic gouache

One of Swoon’s most prominent subjects, Moni, is a mythologized portrait of one of her most central collaborators and muses. In Swoon’s words, Moni “spins a world directly out of the tips of her fingers and I found a sense of lightning or spider silk coming from her fingertips, that seemed to naturally emerge as I drew.” Wisdom, boundaries, the fecundity, and ferocity of nature are all being thought out within the forms of her dress. She sits balanced on a series of earth, rooting trees and river beds. In her gaze, she takes the world in fully, and she holds the center—the very solidity of that holding lets us explore some of our own wilderness. Elementally, Moni represents confidence and freedom of expression.