Swoon – Aba and Caitln, Music Box


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Artwork Description

Swoon – Aba and Caitln, Music Box

Dimensions: 92 x 105″ unframed
Year: 2018
Medium: Block print on mylar with watercolor wash and acrylic gouache, and cut paper.

In 2010 Swoon started a project with a group of friends which would later evolve into the Music Box Village, a sonic sculpture garden and experiential playground for collaborative musical architecture nestled into the levee of the Upper 9th Ward in New Orleans.

This pair of figures, Aba and Caitlin, originally created as larger than life sized linoleum block prints for the gates of the Music Box village, depict two of the artists and performers that are part of Music Box community.
Aba plays a percussion set which is embedded in the village, while Caitlin pulls on a cable that connects first to a pulley, and finally to a slide trombone.
Their gestures unfold outward into increasingly complex views of the Music Box Village itself, including structures by collaborators such as Alyssa Dennis and Ross Harmon, and snapshots of conductors like Quintron leading an orchestra from a rooftop or Jay Pennington strumming the string work stretched into the walls of a house.